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CREATE NOTESNotepad is designed to resemble the typical colored Post-It that we always have in the office. When the notebook is opened, you will see a list of all notes you've created. On the main wall all notes with their corresponding colors and titles are listed. To add a new note, click the "+" button at the bottom of the screen.REMINDERSMake a note, as always then select the "reminders" at the top of the screen shows.
EDIT NOTE OR TASKSNow you can write your note. Just like a paper notepad, you do not have to do anything special to save your notes, which are automatically stored for you.
Search all your notes or lists
Notepad allows you to search your notes or to-do lists. From the main screen, click the search icon.
CLASSIC USESWrite to-do lists (Note: post-its colors and fonts different fonts), shopping lists, addresses, email, SMS, Twitter updates *, write lyrics, poems, or even a novel if you feel like ! Just think a way to write and let your imagination.